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Retailer Lists Resident Evil 6 As An Upcoming Release

You might be asking yourself why such a thing would be news since we all know Resident Evil 6 is coming, but I found this interesting because it could mean the game isn’t too far away. Usually, retailers don’t list games that are 2+ years out, and while the listing’s 12/31/2011 release date is just a placeholder, the series’ next installment might not be as far away as many thought. Honestly, I don’t see Capcom talking about the game at all at E3 next week since they’ll want to keep the focus on all of the other Resident Evil games coming out this year, like Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD, and The Mercenaries 3D.

So the chances of Capcom unveiling another Resident Evil are pretty slim, that doesn’t mean we can’t look at this and think of it as proof that the game isn’t too far away. I think it’s safe to say the game’s release is somewhere between Mass Effect 3 and BioShock: Infinite. In related news, the listing also includes Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 3, and God of War 4. Maybe, just maybe all four of these games will be unveiled at E3 and given release dates in 2011. In a perfect world, such a thing could happen. [News via NeoGaf]



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