The Brain Eater's Bible Has A Holiday Message For You Zombies Out There - Bloody Disgusting!

The Brain Eater’s Bible Has A Holiday Message For You Zombies Out There

4th of July is right around the corner, and we all know that’s when ex patriot zombies rise from the grave to watch fireworks and eat the hell out of our overly tanned asses. Well The Brain Eater’s Bible’s own J.D. McGhoul has a 4th of July message for you.

If you haven’t already gotten or tried out The Brain Eater’s Bible I definitely suggest you check out out. You can get it in the Apple Store for the iPad. Basically it is a book written by zombies, for zombies. What more could you zombie bastards ask for? Early July the app’s lite version will be released for free. Otherwise you can get the app at a reduced price of $4.99 for the full version until July 10th. “There has never been a better time to be a zombie,” says Pat Kilbane, the app’s author, “Many ‘zombie walks’ this summer have doubled in attendance since last year; people seem to be abandoning the idea of surviving a zombie apocalypse in favor of joining the shambling hordes.” That’s where The Brain Eater’s Bible comes in; it’s a guidebook – supposedly written by a zombie – that teaches the undead how to make it in a post-apocalyptic world. Since its launch in April, it has garnered rave reviews in the horror blogosphere.

“We chose July 4th for this launch because being undead is very much about independence,” Kilbane explains, “and J.D. McGhoul, the fictional zombie author, sees himself as leading a revolution.” Brain Eater’s Bible Lite will contain the entire first chapter of the book app, including dozens of interactive photos, videos, diagrams and anatomical drawings. “The first chapter guides the infected through the early stages of reanimation,” says the author, “and helps them understand why they crave human brains.”