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Return of the Dead Pixels Podcast, (With An Added Dose of Adam)

Have you been reading my words aloud, trying to match a voice to them so you could more easily pretend what it would be like if I was sitting next to you, late at night, with my hand on your upper thigh? Maybe you picture me uttering Shakespearean dialogue in the velvety tones of James Earl Jones, or with the disarming charm of Nolan North? If you answered yes then look no further, because the Dead Pixels Podcast is back and this time it’s brought with it an added dose of yours truly.

From now on you can expect new episodes of the podcast to go up every second sunday of the month. I suppose those of you who enjoy surprises might not be too fond of the lack of unexpected episodes, but as my grandpa always says, tough shit, (don’t listen to him, he’s a mean dude.) So if you want to hear TJ and I attempt a discussion on video game news like the so-so E3, The Secret World, and Duke Nukem Forever, this might be for you. Sadly, neither of us have great attention spans so we also found ourselves in tangents on Transformers 3, The Human Centipede, and the really fucking tasty Mountain Dew: Pitch Black. More from TJ past the break. TJ: My friend and cohort Kiel has stepped down as my podcasting partner in crime (PPIC). Kiel and I do plan on working on a new podcast off the BD radar however, so those of you who will miss his sexually driving voice won’t go for too long without. However, and you will find out by listening to this newest of episodes that Kiel and Adam are almost the same person. Both very sexy. Adam is an excellent cohost, and I welcome him aboard with open arms, and, and open zipper. Good night!

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