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Arkham City’s Collector’s Edition Is Fit For A Billionaire Playboy

This hasn’t been confirmed yet but if recent listings at GameStop and News via Best Buy are true then Arkham City’s collector’s edition sounds insanely cool. According to the retailers, the special edition will charge $99.99, and while that might sound a little steep it does come with some very cool things. Like most other collector’s editions this one will bring with it an art book, and it will also include exclusive early access to DLC, Gotham Knight animated content, and a premium statue produced by Kotobukiya.

That all sounds great but because I’ll take any opportunity to show off my nerd cred I’m most excited for the statue. I don’t know what it’ll look like but I can guarantee you that thing will be on my desk, dusted daily. Sadly, there aren’t any pictures so we can get a better idea of what this edition’s contents will look like but there’s a good chance that’ll reveal itself soon.



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