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Grunts Explode Like Hell With This Halo: Anniversary Bonus

If you pre-order Halo: Anniversary you get yourself a nice bonus. The Grunt Funeral Skull makes it so each grunt upon their death, explodes like they were stuck with a plasma grenade. To some people that doesn’t sound like a great pre-order bonus. I however, don’t agree.

As you can tell from the video above that when they explode after death, the explosion can injure other enemies resulting in a lot of bonus explosion death. However, one would argue that the explosions could harm the good guys as well. So it can be good and bad. I like explosions so I think it’s going to be pretty kick ass. Just be careful when you melee them, get the hell out of there! Ahem, Halo: Anniversary is set to release on November 15th of this year for the XBox 360.



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