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Freddy Kreuger’s Coming to Mortal Kombat, And No, This Is Not A Dream

SoulCalibur gets Star Wars figures, I say meh. Dead or Alive gets a Spartan, I say who cares? Mortal Kombat gets Kratos and now it’s also getting Freddy Fucking Kreuger? I think I just wet myself in a totally manly way. Since its release there’s been a steady trickling of new characters that began with Scarlet and was followed by Kenshi and Rain. Now they’re taking everything to the next level with the burned man from all our nightmares, Freddy Kreuger. See him in action below.

I’m not one to complain when awesome things to happen so all I’ll say is I would’ve preferred the classic Freddy, versus the new Jackie Earle Haley version. But really, who cares? We get to kick ass as Freddy Kreuger. You might be wondering when this scrumptious manmuffin will be making his way to Mortal Kombat? Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long; Freddy gives us a much needed dose of nightmarish hack ‘n slash when Freddy releases on August 9th. Freddy will run you $4.99 on PSN, 400 MSP Xbox Live, or for those of you who bought the Season Pass he’ll automatically be available for download when you boot up Mortal Kombat on the 9th.



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