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Dead Island Infects Playstation Home

Those of you Playstation 3ers who still play around with Playstation Home will be excited to know Dead Island is making its way Home sometime before the games release. The zombies will make their way into home and turn the place on its head.

But that isn’t all, you and 3 friends will get to play zombie mini games together. Up to 10 different zombie mini games. If you complete all 10 mini games you will get an exclusive in game weapon. Exploding meat. I don’t know what it does, but I take my exploding meat rare. Dead Island fans should keep up on the mini games, as every week they will be releasing challenges where the player can win items for use in the actual game. More past the break. There is even a test you’ll be able to take that will tell you your chance of survival in an actual zombie outbreak.



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