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Skyrim’s Collector’s Edition Might Require Some Gold Farming

At QuakeCon last week Bethesda unveiled the collector’s edition for their upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and it’s charging a pretty penny for all the goods bundled inside it. You could even say Skyrim’s collector’s edition is going to cast a spell on your wallet! You know, like one of those money draining spells? HA! Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

This special edition will run you $149.99, a price that I dare say is sky high! Fuck yeah, I’m on a roll! The game releases on November 11, or 11.11.11, so it’s as easy as humanly possible to remember when the game comes out. I mean, come on, if you cant’ remember six 1’s, than you’re probably me. Head past the break for the loot this thing will bring with it. Here’s what the collector’s edition includes:

Your very own copy of the game, just in case you weren’t sure.
A 12″ dragon statue
200 page art book
‘Making of Skyrim’ DVD
Cloth map

Who among us is brave enough to spend their gold on such a thing? Who, I ask! WHO?



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