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Guillermo Del Toro Speaks Up About inSANE

Last year at the Spike VGA’s we were introduced to inSANE, a brand new horror series being developed by Volition, the team that brought us the Red Faction and Saint’s Row series, and overseen by director Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro’s known for his unique visual style, as seen in one of my all time favorite movies, Pan’s Labyrinth. Side note: if you haven’t seen that flick you need to stop reading this and go watch it. Don’t worry, this article isn’t going anywhere.

The first game isn’t due until 2013, so we have quite the wait ahead of us, but thankfully, in a recent interview with MTV’s Multiplayer Blog Del Toro let loose some new details regarding his exciting new game. We already knew it was a planned trilogy, the sequels of course will only happen if the first game does well, and it has some Lovecraftian influences. But now we know a little more. Head past the jump for some brand new details. When discussing the game, Del Toro said “We’ve been working for a year. We have two or three more years to go. It’s huge.” Alright, so that 2013 release window might not even happen, and that leads me to believe the game might be in development for the next generation of consoles. How amazing would it be to have inSANE as a launch title for the PS4/Xbox 720 (or whatever they call them)? He continued with “I’m learning a lot. I’m going in with a really, really modest ‘I’m learning’ approach.’ I’m a huge gamer but going into constructing it, you have to be respectful of the medium. I’m learning a lot. Talking about the storyline for weeks. We’ve been designing the creatures, which are obscenely fun and unique. You haven’t seen them ever.”

“It’s Lovecraftian, it’s really weird, but it’s Lovecraftian in a very sick way, which I like. It’s truly, truly entertaining. Full of action, but also a very shocking game. And Guy Davis and Francisco [Ruis Velasco]. Guy Davis, to me, is one of the best monster designers alive right now.” Del Toro concluded.

Weird, shocking, and very sick is exactly how I like my sex, so I am all in. But what’s even more exciting then that is the news that this isn’t a linear game, oh no sir, inSANE is a sandbox horror game. If you’re having trouble picturing a sandbox horror game, all you need to do is replace the sand with bloody giblets and imagine the sandbox is made up of the hollowed out carcasses of a thousand virgins. If that doesn’t work you can just think of Volition’s other titles, like the Saint’s Row series, and replace the crazy fun with bloodshed, tentacle beasts, and orgies. Well, we don’t know if the game will have any of those, but I can hope, can’t I?

Head on over to MTV Multiplayer Blog for the full interview.



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