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Classic Video Games Reimagined With Criterion Collection Box Art

If you’re a collector of movies, one of the Holy Grails is the Criterion Collection. Featuring films that supposedly have important cultural landmarks, these DVD’s are full of amazing features and usually have some of the best transfers you can find. But what about us video game collectors? What about us folk that think video games should be treated with the same reverence and respect as some films? Isn’t Super Mario Bros. a cultural landmark? What about Pac Man? Castlevania? Silent Hill?

Well, someone had the same thought process and decided to put together several video game covers as though they were in the Criterion Collection. While some of my favorites aren’t on there, these covers are stunningly accurate and would convince me to splurge an obscene amount for one. Seriously, those Criterion people charge WAY too much. Jerks…Check them all out HERE!



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