Update and Concept Art from ‘Rip Cage’

Inside you’ll find a production concepts from writer Lennie Overgaard and Savage Dog Film’s Rip Cage, which he wanted to share with the horror fans out there – because he thinks they have a promising project in front of them, which I agree with. They’ve recently begun casting, but at this point in time, there is nothing that can be announced. Even though it is a really small image, the pic inside is more or less what they’re going for, an environment that keeps changing. In a little over a month the poster should be finished and they’ll start shooting the primary material and hand it over to Savage Dog Digitals for creation of the set. He writes, “I know that a lot people don’t like CGI work in horror films today and that CG characters and green screen should be abandoned! Well, we have to shoot primarily against green screen in order for us to achieve what we’re aiming at. But don’t worry – there will be plenty of blood, gore and twisted kills in this film also.” Read on for a small look at the artwork.

Source: Lennie Overgaard, Savage Dog