12 Minutes of ‘The Psycho Legacy’ Documentary

I’m a pretty big fan of documentaries as not only do they bring back some incredible memories, but they provide new information for the die hard fan or people looking to learn more about the topic at hand. For the past year, Robert Galluzzo – who runs horror website Icons Of Fright – has been producing an extensive documentary on the PSYCHO franchise titled THE PSYCHO LEGACY. Today the site hosts 12 minutes of footage, which covers all four PSYCHO films and features PSYCHO alumni Hilton Green, Tom Holland, Andrew London, Jeff Fahey, Lee Garlington, Katt Shea, Donovan Scott, Kurt Paul, as well as filmmakers Adam Green, Dave Parker, Joe Lynch and many, many more. Read on to watch it or click the link below. Watch for more as it comes in.

Source: Icons of Fright