Vanguard Cinema Acquires ‘Quench’

It was announced today that Vanguard Cinema has acquired Zack Parker’s QUENCE for worldwide DVD release. We can expect the film to be released sometime between September and November of this year. Also, if you’re in the Seattle area, QUENCH will be making its Seattle Premiere on Friday, June 13th at 7PM as part of the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. QUENCH tells the story of Derik, a young man grieving over the recent death of an unknown loved one. Finding no one to turn to, Derik decides to abandon his current life at college to visit Jason. Although best friends since grade school, the two have not seen or spoken to one another in three years. Once they have reunited, Derik soon realizes that Jason is no longer the friend he once knew. Not only has he dramatically changed his external appearance, but he is now a part of a mysterious group, a “Family.”