The Trailer Park: Bruce Dickinson’s ‘Chemical Wedding’

Today Bruce Dickinson and Julian Doyle’s Chemical Wedding trailer was discovered online and can be viewed inside. Chemical Wedding is a feature film written by Iron Maiden front-man, Bruce Dickinson and long term Monty Python editor, Julian Doyle, who also directed the film. The film is a gothic sci-fi extravaganza set in Trinity College Cambridge, where a scientific experiment goes awry resulting in the resurrection of the infamous Edwardian Occultist Aleister Crowley, who was immortalised into pop culture by the likes of The Beatles, Jimmy Page and Ozzy Osborne. Starring Simon Callow who plays the reincarnated Crowley, whilst John Shrapnel plays Crowley in flashback in this gothic, sci-fi thriller.
Chemical Wedding Official Trailer

Source: MySpace