Tamara Comes Back for Revenge

In a very Japanese horror-like tale, Film Jerk reports that Jeffrey Red****, the writer and creator of Final Destination, is at work on his next project, a supernatural thriller called Tamara. The film is described as a “sexy, supernatural thriller,” it will be directed by first-time feature director David Sporn. According to our sources, the story begins with a vicious prank taking the life of an awkward and unpopular teen and then shifts both backwards and forwards in time to show her life before and after. This girl Tamara practices witchcraft and after her death, she returns as the beautiful seductress from her fantasies, equipped with the power to entrance people and turn their own vanity and weaknesses against them. Though still interested in “fitting in,”Tamara has little patience for her fellow students’ attitudes and fears, finding it easier to destroy them than to become part of the in crowd. Sounds a TAD like The Craft. Follow the link for more.

Source: Film Jerk