‘The Real Ghostbusters’ MASSIVE DVD Collection!!!

Some sweet news comes in courtesy of TV Shows on DVD as they’ve reported that Time-Life will release the complete collection of the awesome ’80s cartoon THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS on DVD this fall! Even cooler, they were told this will be a massive 26-disc set covering both The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters, the 1988 renaming of the show. With a combined episode count of over 100 episodes, the 26 discs should have more than enough room for some great bonus material. Note: Many fans have written in to say that there are 140 episodes of the series. That’s incorrect, and the number is a result of various episode guides listing 140 stories. Some of the episodes contain 2 stories, so the actual number of episodes is fewer than 140. Watch for more news soon!

Source: TV Shows on DVD