‘Ring’ Sequel Being Broken Up into Two Films!

There has been a lot of talk on what storyline The Ring 2 would take on, since it’s a remake of a Japanese trilogy. According to numerous past sources, it would be a blend of the original stories, and something new – since the Japanese sequels suck (and they do). Well Dark Horizons has some news on how this might change – for the better, “Ehren Krueger, is obviously writing the sequel. The script is part prequel/part sequel with the first thirty five pages being a fleshed out backstory. Right now this is being jettisoned as Dreamworks wants to make that section of the script into a completely independent prequel film (which Ehren will at least write the treatment for, if not the whole film) and thus is busy trying to come up with a beginning for the movie and still be able to make its march start date. While he works on that, Dreamworks is looking for a hire end closer to do a couple steps on the second and third acts”.

Source: Dark Horizons