Writers Talk Original ‘Freddy vs Jason’ Ending With Pinhead!

While on the set of Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th (set visit preview), we had the chance to chat with the writers of the film, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. During the interview we got off track a bit and started to talk about New Line’s Freddy vs Jason, which led to some interesting discoveries – like how the film was originally planned to end with Pinhead! Read on for the skinny on that and to find out which was harder to write, FREDDY VS JASON or FRIDAY THE 13TH.
Being a huge fan of FREDDY VS JASON, the conversation was destined to eventually roll off the subject at hand and onto the legendary battle that took place back in 2003. During the interview we discovered how the film was originally slated to end, if Pinhead (from HELLLRAISER) were to be involved in the sequel.

Pinhead was originally involved in one of the ending,” co-writer Marcus Swift tells us. “There were a lot of different endings that we wrote for FREDDY VS JASON, but Pinhead was in one of them.

His partner is crime Damian Shannon reveals what they wrote for that ending. “Yeah, the Pinhead ending was where – they [Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees] both get pulled down to hell at the end and they are still trying to battle. Pinhead comes out and separates them with chains and it’s sort of a `gentlemen, what seems to be the problem’ moment.

There were a lot of different scenarios thrown around for a sequel, all of which would be difficult to write.

There was a time where they were really trying to kick around what you would do with a sequel, bring in somebody else? They took Ash pretty seriously,” Swift tells us.

He continues, “It would be hard. They’re all hard. FREDDY VS JASON had some pretty campy moments but bringing in a third? It’s just unavoidable. It’s tough, it’s really tough.

Swift goes back to the proposed Pinhead finale. “To make a movie based on that ending, where Freddy and Jason are in hell with HELLRAISER? That is practically impossible. You can’t stay in hell, you need victims, somebody to relate to. It was be too fantastical, I think.

Swift thinks adding a third into the mix isn’t the way to go, instead they should focus on more individual movies before doing a sequel to FREDDY VS JASON. “I don’t want to speak for New Line, but my guess would be, you make FREDDY VS. JASON, you make FRIDAY THE 13TH, you make NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, maybe sequels to both. But ultimately you’ll see that FREDDY VS. JASON fits in after those individual movies.

FREDDY VS JASON took nearly a decade to get off the ground, but remaking FRIDAY THE 13TH has got to be difficult as well.

FREDDY VS. JASON was 100 times harder,” Swift tells us. Shannon adds in, “So much harder, it was a matter of trying to blend both mythologies, which both of them went off onto different tangents. And didn’t really make sense how you blend those together in a movie and give them balance so that the Freddy fans are happy and the Jason fans are happy.

Shannon continues. “>Not to mention the process of writing FREDDY VS JASON, the convincing people the sort of dragging it to the finish line was a tiresome marathon.

Swift explains how it tooks years to get FREDDY VS JASON off the grund. “We worked on FREDDY VS. JASON literally for years. We worked on literally this project, for months. This was a very, very fast process, it was a great process. We got the script done very quickly, it was green lit very quickly, no other writers were involved and we went straight to shooting it. And now we are on set, we are tweaking it and it’s really coming together. I hope that it’s a great movie.

We’ll all find out when FRIDAY THE 13TH arrives in theaters February 13, 2009.