Damn.. Contemporary Retellings Are In

Variety reports that Creative Light Entertainment CEO Scott Zakarin will helm a contemporary feature retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde novella to begin principal photography in L.A. today. Jekyll, also written by Zakarin, stars Matt Keeslar (The Last Days of Disco,) in the title role, along with Jonathan Silverman, Siena Goines (Judging Amy), Desmond Askew (Go), Abigail Spencer (All My Children) and John Rubenstein (21 Grams). His script for the film, has Jekyll as a computer scientist who collaborates with his female lab assistant to create a powerful computer program that transforms him into a lustful and violent alternate personality that jeopardizes his marriage and friendships. Zakarin describes the film as “a genre horror film with the heart of an art film.”

Source: Variety