‘Witchblade’ Director and Writer Revealed!

We were tipped off this morning that the feature film adaptation of the popular ’90s comic book Witchblade will be directed by Michael Rymer (Battlestar Gallactica, Queen of the Damned) from a screenplay by Everett De Roche. Coming in 2009 is the live action adaption of the best selling graphic novel franchise, WITCHBLADE, the legend of an ancient and mysterious weapon and the female warrior destined to wield it awesome power. Read on for more details on the franchise.
Launched in 1995, WITCHBLADE is a comic book series created by TOP COW Productions. Since its inception, Witchblade has sold over a hundred million units worldwide and been translated into over 25 languages to become the phenomenon with cross-over mainstream success.

The Witchblade is a supernatural artifact, a symbiotic, sentient weapon than can bond only with a woman. Wielded by the right warrior, it becomes a terrifying tool in the eternal battle of Good against Evil. Possessing great destructive and protective powers, the Witchblade itself is neutral in this great struggle, with the potential to harm the innocent and aid the guilty. It is the duty of the bearer to control the weapon and ensure it’s power is controlled and used properly. When dormant, the Witchblade can appear a simple bracelet, but when activated it is alive, transforming into armor, swords, whips, spears, chains and spikes, all under the control of the bearer. An experienced user, one who has embraced the power and responsibility of the weapon and bonded with it completely, can use it to fly, to shoot great blasts of pure energy, and even heal mortal wounds.

Many Champions have borne the Witchblade through the ages, from Samurai to Crusaders, Amazons to soldiers on the modern battlefield. Queens, princesses, generals and peace-keepers have all used this enigmatic relic in their fight to protect us from the Evil forces that threaten to devour our world. And, in 2009, a new warrior will step up and embrace her destiny as the chosen one, the pivotal character in the only war worth fighting.