Zack Snyder NOT Directing ‘Army of the Dead’

We have some terrible news to share with you all this evening, especially if you’re a fan of the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake or 300. It was announced today that Zack Snyder will NOT be directing the massive zombie pic Army of the Dead, instead Warner Bros. has signed commercial director and visual artist Matthijs van Heijningen to make his feature directing debut on the action thriller that takes place in zombie-infested Las Vegas. The good news is that Zack Snyder will still be on board with Deborah Snyder to produce under their WB-based Cruel & Unusual Films banner. The script by Joby Harold (writer and director of “Awake”) focuses on a father who tries to save his daughter from certain death in a zombie-ridden Sin City. Snyder told us last July that the scope will be HUGE.
Van Heijningen is an ad director who is a multiple winner of Cannes Lions for commercials for advertisers including Toyota, Peugeot, Renault, Stella Artois, Pepsi and Bud Light. He has also directed several shorts.