‘Boo’ Scares Back to the Basics

Steven Felti, who plays the villainous spirit Jacob in the supernatural horror film Boo, told SCI FI Wire that the film relies on basic scares rather than hi-tech digital work. “We’ve got some in-camera things,” Felti said in an interview. “Mostly we’ve got some great stuff that’s just lighting. Just the lighting, [where] I’m in a corner, almost invisible, and this light just shoots across me. I’m standing there and the kids don’t notice me. Stuff like that, which really hearkens back to some of your early ghost stories, the real basics of the scare. You’re walking in a dark hallway in a deserted building, you have your flashlight, and you [notice something]: What the hell was that?” Graveyard Filmworks plans to screen Boo at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July, then release it theatrically. Follow the link for more.

Source: Sci-fi Wire