‘Piranha’ Remake to Deliver Boobs, Blood and Gore!

While French director Alex Aja puts the finishing touches on his remake of MIRRORS for 20th Century Fox, he’s also prepping a remake of Piranha for Dimension Films. Planned to be shot in 3-D, there is a lot of speculation about what direction Aja will take his latest horror opus. This afternoon Bloody-Disgusting had the chance to chat briefly with makeup effects designer Greg Nicotero who revealed that the remake will deliver “boobs, blood and gore!” Read on for the skinny.
Bloody-Disgusting caught up with makeup effects designer Greg Nicotero (Grindhouse, Hostel II) today and he offered a few short words about the Piranha remake, Piranha 3-D, which is expected to go into production shortly. The project is the second consecutive project Nicotero has done with director Alex Aja (The Hills Have Eyes) after Mirrors, which hits screens August 15th. “This summer we’ve got Mirrors coming out which I saw the last 25 minutes of which was great. Alex is just an amazing, amazing director.

So we’re probably going to start [Piranha] up shortly and we’re developing some stuff with Joe Dante (who directed the original 1978 movie) and Nick Garrison.

When asked about the take on this version of the killer fish flick, Nicotero says this one will deliver pretty much what fans want. “[Piranha] is pretty straight forward. It’s `Girls Gone Wild’ with boobs and blood and piranhas. You can’t really mess that up.