‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Not Dead Yet

Back in October of 2004 New Line Cinema was on the verge of signing a contract that would have pit Freddy Krueger against Jason Voorhees and Ash in a highly anticipated sequel to FREDDY VS JASON. The weekend of the 24th passed and the Sam Raimi produced remake of THE GRUDGE hit theaters taking the number one spot at the box office taking in a monster $40 million opening weekend. That following Sunday Raimi announced that he would be remaking The Evil Dead killing any and all hope of seeing the trio take battle. Here we are four years later and instead of witnessing a legendary fight, we have nothing. We chatted with Raimi earlier this evening where he updated us on the progress of the long-delayed remake to the franchise he created back in 1981. Read on for the skinny.
Sam Raimi spoke to Bloody-Disgusting today and we were able to get updates on a few projects including the long-gestating Evil Dead remake/Part 4 rumors.

When Rob Tapert, myself and Mandate formed Ghost House Pictures, one of the things we said was, `Well, where are we gonna get new material from?’ and we thought we could have someone remake Evil Dead as one of our horror films because we thought that was only shot in 16 mm and I don’t think that many people ever saw it on the big screen actually. They usually just found it later on video…

He continues, “The sound job should have been stereo because that movie is only as good as sight and sound and if you could have a director tell it in 35 mm and be able to move the sound around, that would increase its effectiveness three-fold. We just thought that’s actually an experience worth remaking because we’re a horror company. But then we never actually pursued it. We said we were gonna do it and then we got so busy with other projects we never actually pursued it.

We still want to do it,” Raimi tells Bloody-Disgusting. “We still think it’s worth trying and I’ve still not done a single thing about it.

Although Raimi hasn’t been working on Evil Dead material since 1992’s Army of Darkness, he still seems to recall those three movies fondly. Hopefully he’ll find the time between projects one of these days to get it off the ground once more. Let’s just hope it’s while Bruce Campbell’s still vertical because personally, I can’t imagine anyone else filling those shoes (or chin). And heck, he’s almost 16 years younger than Harrison Ford anyway…