Adam Sandler Takes ‘Shortcut’ to Thriller Genere

Don’t get me wrong, I love Adam Sandler and have always loved him, but lately he and his company have turned out nothing but disappointments. Hopefully ZOHAN (David’s mini-review) will put my foot in my mouth, but until then call me skeptical. Shocking news this morning as Happy Madison, Sandler’s production shingle, is prepping a thriller entitled Shortcut that sounds like it’s right down our alley. Read on for details, what are your guys’ thoughts?
Adam Sandler’s production shingle Happy Madison is taking a turn down a new road.

The company known for comedies has signed on to produce a genre project, a thriller titled “Shortcut,” as the inaugural picture of a nascent genre label it’s calling Scary Madison.

The movie centers on two brothers who come upon a rarely used shortcut in their new town — and soon discover the reasons why it’s so rarely used. Andrew Seeley, Shannon Woodward and Dave Franco will star.

“Shortcut” will be financed by Ingo Volkhammer’s hedge fund-backed Leomax Entertainment and co-produced by Leomax and Scary Madison. Volkhammer, Scary Madison’s Scott Sandler and Brian Witten and Leomax’s Scott Einbinder will produce; Adam Sandler and Scary Madison’s Jack Giarraputo will serve as exec producers.

The Sandlers’ shingle will rely on Happy Madison talent for various creative roles in “Shortcut” — the script is co-written by Scott Sandler, while Nicholaus Goosen, who directed Happy Madison’s intergenerational comedy “Grandma’s Boy,” will helm. Dan Hannon co-wrote the screenplay.

Indigomotion, the genre theatrical arm of Leomax, is planning to release “Shortcut” theatrically. Leomax does have a theatrical first-look deal with Overture, which could come aboard later to distribute the movie, as well as a TV first-look deal with Starz.

Production is scheduled to start next month in Sas