Forget Charlize Theron.. Bring on Christian Bale

It’s easy to eat day and night to gain a few pounds for a role, but try losing 63 pounds when you’re already skinny and in shape (yeah, I’m mocking you Theron fanatics out there)! Film Threat calls Brad Anderson’s The Machinist, “brave and visually impressive, it should demand an audience.” Filmmax’s flick – that premiered at Sundance 2004 – stars Christian Bale (American Psycho), whom lost 63 pounds for his role as Trevor Reznick, an insomniac who hasn’t slept in over a year.. or so it seems. If you haven’t read my brother “Jam’s” collaborative review yet, click here. He calls Christian Bale’s performance “immaculate.” Keep your eyes and ears open, because this film promises to be a heavy hitter sometime this year. Maybe Bale will finally get the recognition he deserves after he makes a “Hollywood” film – like Batman – which is next for the up and coming star.

Source: Film Threat