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Crazy Viral Marketing Campaign or Real-life Terror?



B-D reader ‘Chet’ just sent us in a really, really bizarre e-mail that figured I should probably throw by you. This reminds me of the whole Dr. Sadowsky ordeal, only it’s pretty violent and gruesome. Basically Chet was following one of his favorite online vlogs – some hot chick on – and some crazy stuff happened over the past week. Read on for his e-mail and let me know if you guys have any idea what the hell this is (watch the video labeled ‘Caroline’, holy smokes).
Have you seen this?

Go to and at the bottom of the list of links, you will see the statement “Sad news, just got word that Brooke Marks, the taco belle this week passed away yesterday.”

Then go check out who this Brooke Marks girl is:

And if you click on the link “video blog on” you will get to her video entitled “Brooke Marks Speaks Out!” A reply to the top comment “I think im in love” is from a user named “IntellTinkerer” who says “STAY AWAY: or this will happen to u IP ADDRESS”.

Go to that IP ADDRESS.

Holy f*ck it’s weird.

It’s just a root directory with 4 separate clips posted in .mov, .mpg. and .wmv formats. The very top clip is which was uploaded on 6/4/08, the day Holy Taco claims Brooke died.

Watch this clip. It looks like Brooke is talking to a webcam and is interrupted by a guy who grabs her and stabs her repeatedly.

Then watch the others–,, and Bizarre f*cked-up shit. I’m sure it’s all fake, but it’s disturbing nonetheless.

I checked out Brooke Marks’ other videos and there are some stripteases (this girl is crazy hot) along with some vlogs where she uses a hidden camera to “take us into her life”. And if you watch closely, you realize that even though she blurs her friend’s faces you can recognize Brandon and Tony (2 guys she dated) and Carolina (a girl that calls her a slut). Then I checked out the comments on these vlogs. “IntellTinkerer” is all over the place, directing people to IP ADDRESS, and hinting that he has actually killed off these people! WTF?

Anyone got any theories on this? You think Brooke’s actually dead? She must be if Holy Taco is going on record that she “passed away”. Surely she couldn’t have been murdered on camera for real. And when you see the others, you won’t believe they’re real either.

But then I found a video on Break called “Ok, now I’m freaked out” which looks like Brooke is secretly filming her encounter with a cop Dateline NBC-style and she’s telling him about the videos and reporting her friends as missing. The cop seems like a real guy and he says what I was thinking, that all these videos look staged.

So now I’m really fucking confused.

Is it just that I’m a BD extreme-horror junkie that all this seems like some elaborate hoax or some shit? I’m asking myself if these were really snuff videos, could I tell the difference? A serial killer these days could definitely get away with doing this for real, because we think everything like this we see on the internet is fake.

So again, WTF?


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