Groundhog Day ‘Turns’ Darker and More Twisted

Variety reports that Texas Chainsaw Masssacre director Marcus Nispel will be remaking a Japanese thriller named Turn for Radar Pictures at Paramount. Turn is a supernatural thriller about a woman who slips into a coma after an accident and finds upon waking that she is in a parallel reality — a completely empty city, where she is forced to relive the same day over and over again. Did they cast Bill Murray in this one? Why don’t they just call it Groundhog Day? Speaking of Groundhog Day, I decided to quit whining and read on, “Executive producer Roy Lee calls it a “horror version of ‘Groundhog Day.'”.. so there ya go. The Endeavor-repped Nispel will focus on Turn after helming Diane Lane in Need, also at Paramount.

Source: Variety