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See No Evil Writer Returns With ‘Graveland’



Dan Madigan (See No Evil) is returning to the horror genre with a new screenplay entitled GRAVELAND for director Roel Reiné (The Lost Tribe), according to Fangoria. “It’s a wild cross between GHOSTBUSTERS, POLTERGEIST and WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, and is very, very dark, funny and scary. Everyone involved is very excited about bringing this comically macabre story to life,” Madigan tells the site. He als reveals that he’s working on his own feature entitled NECRO SAPIENS, which he calls “a high-octane, full-blown throwback of a horror movie. Genre legend Lance Henriksen told me the ending reminds him of THE WILD BUNCH if it were written by James Cameron on acid, and that it’s a horrific hybrid of DAWN OF THE DEAD and DOG SOLDIERS.


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