The Jason Voorhees You NEVER Saw in ‘FvJ’!

Creature-Corner stumbled onto something quite amazing today, and as a mater of fact, I’ve seen it too, but I had no idea what I was looking at. Inside is an image of a special mask from Latex Mask Central of the redesigned Jason Voorhees face – yes the deformed boy under the mask. The image is of the original makeup from the movie Freddy vs Jason. The shots of the face wound up on the cutting room floor, but the original artist, Conor McCullah, has recreated it for the fans to purchase! Read on for a look at this beauty – or should I say disturbing beauty – and a link on where to buy it.

Buy this baby here : $180 for set, $90 for just undermask.

Thanks to Creature-Corner for the head up.

Source: Latex Mask Central, Creature Corner