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Doug Bradley Presents ‘Spine Chillers’!

This past weekend Doug Bradley (Pinhead) was on hand to share with the Pittsburgh audience his brand new short series entitled SPINE CHILLERS. Attendees of the convention were treated to the Premiere of “The Outsiders”, a seventeen minute short from a classic H.P. Lovecraft story. You can watch it online here or watch Bradley’s official website for a forthcoming DVD release loaded with extras. Read on for more details on the ongoing series and for the exclusive scoop on more upcoming episodes!
Doug Bradley tells Bloody-Disgusting that the second episode of SPINE CHILLERS will be Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”. The plan for the third episode is to bring W.W. Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw” to the small screen with hopes for expanding the series into stories by living authors and writers. How far this goes depends on the online support, so go check it out now and give a little support!

Doug Bradley writes on his official website:

I am a director of a new production company based in Brighton, called Renegade Arts Entertainment Ltd. Renegade will to a large extent carry forward the work of Renga Media, and Tony Luke is also a director. Joining us is producer and director Alexander Finbow. Dominator X, which fell foul of the ‘English Disease’ (financing and production nightmares which are still unravelling) last year, is now to be taken forward by Renegade.

In the meantime, we are proceeding on a number of fronts, and we have produced what is planned to be the first in ongoing series which we’re calling ‘Doug Bradley’s Spine Chillers’ and the first of these is now available. It’s H P Lovecraft’s short story The Outsider. At the moment we’re making it available as a download. You can check out a free preview or pay for the whole thing:

It started life as a half-baked idea from me which popped into my head while recording Mr B Gone and was essentially no more than the feeling that the ‘talking book’ hadn’t moved forward since the days of the cassette tape and that it really should be possible to offer more in the digital age. And it sprang from that to a finished product in pretty short order. Through the good offices of Digital Deli it was recently screened at BAFTA and I was delighted by the response.

We will soon be making it available in hard copy and will present it in multiple platforms, the idea being you could play it as a DVD, mount it on your PC/iPod/phone in audio-visual form or listen to it as a good old audio book in the car on your way to work.

When Renegade’s present project is finished – the video to accompany a track from Judas Priest’s new album ‘Nostradamus’, we will commence work on the second Spine Chiller which is slated to be Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Tell Tale Heart’. If the series takes off, I hope to expand it to use other actors and contemporary and unsigned authors.



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