‘Evil Dead: Prequel’ and ‘NOTLD’ in Comic Book Form!

Timothy Stevens emailed me, “Over at the news section of Tom Sullivan’s website, there’s a new post about an upcoming Evil Dead Prequel comics. Tom’s the artist behind the Evil Dead; he created both the Book of the Dead and the Kandarian Dagger. Here’s the post, “Tom currently just finished writing and designing the layouts for the first of three comic book Evil Dead prequels for Dead Dog Comics. Its a bloodbath! Expect a spring release.” Sounds awesome, no? I can’t wait to get my grubby little fingers on these puppies! I was also informed (by Ryan Rotten) that Fangoria was the first to report this comic in last months issue, and announce that Dead Dog is also putting out a Night of the Living Dead series entitled Barbara’s Zombie Chronicles and a Howling series entitled Curse of the Blood Clan, which you can see teaser images for inside!
Dead Dog Comics informed me that the Night of the Living Dead comic is due out April/May of 2004. Here’s an image they sent us!

Due Summer of 2004 is their series entitled Howling: Curse of the Blood Clan, here’s an image:

Source: Tom Sullivan's website