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Trailer Park: First Look at French Horror Film ‘Vinyan’

Holy smokes! Today the boys at Twitch Film scored a first look at the trailer for the French horror film Vinyan, which was directed by Fabrice Du Welz (Calvaire). This has been a project we’ve been watching close here at B-D and I have to say the trailer does not disappoint! You can take a look at one helluva tease by reading on and don’t forget to check out new stills by clicking the title above.
Still not having accepted the loss of their son in a tsunami disaster, Janet and Paul Behlmer are back in Bangkok. Hanging onto the fact that his body has never been discovered, Janet desperately clings to the idea that pirates might have kidnapped their kid in the confusion that followed the catastrophe. Looking for someone to guide them in the Thai underworld, they bribe their way to a mysterious Mr. Gao, who takes them to Ranong, where a mercenary supplies them with a boat and crew to explore the pirate-infested shores of Burma. Slowly, they will lose themselves into a strange child-infested jungle and to their inner demons.



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