‘Salem’s Lot’ Better Than TV Quality?

A scooper at Aint it Cool News got to see a rough cut of TNT’s Salem’s Lot remake, which will air in June, here’s a taste of what he said, “It’s a really good movie, as faithful to King’s novel as we could ever possibly expect with some surprising changes. It looks like a feature – they spent $25 Million and filmed it in Australia and I wish I hadn’t known that while I was watching because this looks like Maine. It was directed by that Mikael Salomon who directed that awful film Hard Rain and he redeems himself here.” He also writes, “It’s a very good movie – and I say movie because, again, this looks like a feature – and I think fans of Salem’s Lot, of King’s vision, will be very happy. ” For the rest, and TONS of spoilers, follow the link.

Source: AICN