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Horror In Your House is Dead and Gone

Inside you’ll find this week’s Horror In Your House, which features all of the DVD arriving at a retailer near you Tuesday, July 1, 2008. Some films of note is Lionsgate’s release of DEAD AND GONE and Dimension Etxreme’s TRILOQUIST. Read on for the list.

Horror in Your House
July 1, 2008
By: Tex Massacre

DEAD AND GONE: Lionsgate

Jack Wade struggling actor and trophy husband kidnaps his comatose wife Frankie ex-Hollywood studio exec from the hospital and takes her to an isolated cabin in the Nevada Mountains. This cabin is Jack’s only asset which he won in a poker game–the same place where a man murdered his entire family decades earlier. Jack plots to kill Frankie in order to collect on her life insurance. Jack becomes delusional and has visions of the rude and crude Frankie relentlessly taunting him. As he unravels and can’t decipher paranoia from derangement he decides to smother his wife. Frankie dies but does not disappear. Is her ghost haunting Jack or is he insane?

HELLBOY Limited Edition 2-Pack (SWORD OF STORMS, BLOOD AND IRON; 2-disc): Anchor Bay

This 2-pack includes both Animated features HELLBOY SWORD OF STORMS AND HELLBOY BLOOD AND IRON plus a 7-inch Hellboy Smoking Cigar Figurine with Exclusive Sword.

PUPPET SHOW: Midnight Releasing

Ringmaster Rick rose to success with his children s show, Circus Town, by making a deal with a demon to bring his marionette, Charlie Chowderhead, to life! As tends to happen when people make a deal with an evil specter, Rick mysteriously turns up dead. The doll gets passed down to his granddaughter, Casey, who has no idea the doll is alive, let alone a killer. The show may be over, but Charlie s not done with his murderous performance and he’s dead set on pulling the strings in his final act of KILLER ENTERTAINMENT!


What four teenagers thought would be a quick shortcut across the English countryside led them to a strange place called Black Wood. Instead of finding a quick route home they encountered Ed Craven; a legendary serial killer known as Hammer Head by the locals. His weapon of choice: A hammer! With the smell of fresh meat in the air, Hammer Head goes on a murderous rampage which includes hunting, killing and eating humans. The group discovers that some legends do exist but will anyone be left alive to tell the tale?


When two teen orphans–Norbert, a ventriloquist mute who talks through his dummy, and Angelica, his psychotic sister-hit the road for Vegas, Norbert’s dummy develops a murderous life of his own. With the cops on their trail and the corpses piling up, this homicidal trio can’t be stopped as they cut a path of death and destruction across the country. Creepy, gruesome and hilariously twisted, Triloquist is campy horror at its perverse best.

UNBORN SINS: Burning Moo/Grey Ghost Films

Thousands of abortions are committed around the world every day. But when Theresa schedules her procedure, she has no idea that she has become the target of an assassin more terrifying than she could ever imagine… the very child she aborts! With the help of Stone and Damon, the three try to reverse a demonic spell that gave flesh and blood to a twisted, murderous version of the child she once carried.


Zombie Apocalypse Collection Vol. 1 – From Hundreds of submissions via a worldwide search on Myspace and, Under the Bed Films has put together a box set that will leave fans begging for more. Featuring: SCREAM FARM, IN THE EVENT OF A ZOMBIE ATTACK, GHOULS GONE WILD, WHITE ZOMBI & BRAINZ W/ THE LIVING DEAD GIRLZ. Over 4 hrs of monsters, mayhem and hot women!



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