Warwick Pimpin in Da Hood? Come On!

Creaure-Corner received the exact same email we did regarding Leprechaun 7, and I thought it was the most rediculous load of bullcrap rumor I’ve ever received, I even emailed Warwick Davis so he could laugh with me – I’m still waiting for a reponse, so hopefully he’ll clear up this rumor about Leprechaun: Pimpin In Da Hood. The story “..involves a pimp stealing the Leprechauns gold so the Leprechaun goes after him, gets to his hoes and has sex with them all. The hoes gives birth to baby Leprechauns creating an army of Lep Whores. The Leprechaun gets his gold back and starts his own pimping business for more gold. The other pimps get pissed off and try to take out the Leprechaun and his Lep Whores. The last forty minutes promises to be a battle between Lep Whores and Whores and the Leprechaun and the pimps. I’ve been working hard to make a scary, violent script that also tries to be funny. I am a big fan of the horror genre. We are aiming for a bigger budget for this film as the last Leprechaun movie did very well in video/DVD sales. My script is one hell of a ride and it will last about 100 minutes. We are aiming to start shooting in June and have the movie out about March next year.” So remember kiddies, this is proclaimed rumor until verified!