NECA’s Ghostbusters Line Revealed!

Inside you’ll find images from all of figures from NECA’s first Ghostbuster series! These figures look amazing – there’s Terrordogs (The Key Master & Gate Keeper), The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Slimer and Gozer! Action -Figure writes, “These images come from the Star Images catalog, used with their consent. Rumor across the show says that NECA told a retailer that they HAVE AQUIRED ALL LIKENESS RIGHTS to the Ghostbusters franchise!! If this is true, the boys in gray should be right around the corner.” Read on for a look at the entire line-up!

For larger images, head on over to Action-Figure:

From what I understand, the following figures ARE NOT identical, there are some minor details that actually differ these two figures, although I can’t see them.

Source: Action-Figure