Jennifer Tilly Playing Herself in ‘Seed of Chucky’?

GrantSavestheDay informed me that UHM had a little scoop about Jennifer Tilly playing two characters in Seed of Chucky. This scoop has NOT been confirmed, so take this as rumor until then, “Got an email earlier from someone who’s in talks with people behind the production. Since nothing’s official we’ll have to treat it as a rumor until proven otherwise. He told me that the “New Nightmare” feel to the film that it was described to be like is due to the fact that the doll Tiffany goes through a “facelift” to look like actress Jennifer Tilly, because she’s apparently obsessed with her, so fact meets fiction in a way. They are currently still doing rewrites on the script and filming is supposedly set to start March 15th in Romania.”

Source: Upcoming Horror Movies