Tom Savinis Got the ‘Chill Factor’

I was informed by Jarrod that Tom Savini’s Chill Factor Anthology DVD is now available for pre-order at his official site. The show was created and produced by Jeff Monahan and Marty Schiff. The stories are said to be “scary, ironic and macabre” in the style of Creepshow. Of course Savini, who is going to be hosting the shows, does the FX. The full specs are: making-of features, FX behind-the-scenes, interviews with Savini, and more! Watch this space for interviews from Savini and hopefully Jeff Monahan in the near future! Read on for a look at all 13 stories..
1. HOUSE CALL – A doctor makes a late-night call on a woman whose son is suffering with a slight case of vampirism.

2. SNIPS – A man returns to his childhood home and finds that the monster in his cellar was real-and has been waiting for him.

3. ON SABBATH HILL – A college professor has an affair with a student who commits suicide-but won’t stop coming to class.

4. LEFT HAND – An overworked cop trails a split-personality serial killer-until he realizes
that he’s chasing the scariest criminal alive.

5. ETERNITY – A family stumbles into a haunted town.

6. THE DEED – A man inherits an isolated cabin from a dead friend. It’s a very peaceful place-but then-things change.

7. STUFFING – Four teenagers venture into a cornfield to see if the local urban legend of a haunted scarecrow is really true.

8. MOONLIGHT SERENADE – An old woman locks up for the night. But did she lock something in with her?

9. RENT ONE, GET ONE FREE! – A video store clerk tries to cover up a murder-there’s just one catch.

10. DEVOTIONS – At the turn of the century, a man uses black magic to save his dying daughter-and opens the gates to hell.

11. HACK – A serial killer with no shortage of victims because-he has the perfect cover.

12. QUOTA – A city boy moves to a small town and discovers that dating during a full moon isn’t exactly safe sex.

13. SANTA – A young boy finds out what Santa Claus gets in return for all those presents.

Source: Official Site, Jarrod