Rumor #2 Chainsawed Today!

Weeew, time for some serious rumor control! When a lot of us (websites) sift through our emails, we come across all sorts of crapola, and once in a blew moon, something seems like it “could” be true. Then when another website reports it, everyone feels like it’s now “safe” to report the same news that they also received in their mailbox. Prime example: The Brad Dourif rumor that spread like wildfire last night. But next up on the chopping list is the good ol Leprechaun 7 rumor that both Creature-Corner and your buddies at B-D posted last week – but I think we all knew damn well it was bull****. LepConnie was the first to get the final say on this ridiculous rumor, “The whole thing sounded improbable to me, but I made some inquiries because I wanted to be certain. And sure enough, it was a prank; today my contact at Lions Gate confirmed that there’s no truth to the rumor.” There you have it – the result? I’m sure you won’t be seeing any rumors posted anytime soon, seeing that there are a lot of pranksters out there. “If it weren’t for the pesky kids…”

Source: LepConnie