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SDCC ’08: ‘FRIDAY THE 13TH’ Clip Description!!

It’s Friday the 13th madness here at the San Diego Comic Con as we just got out of New Line Cinema’s panel for the remake, which arrives in theaters February 13, 2009. Just a second ago we brought you the first look at the one sheet for the film directed by Marcus Nispel, now we’ve got a description of the footage shown! Read on and check it out!! Click here for all Comic Con coverage.
We JUST got out of the panel for FRIDAY THE 13TH that was so insanely popular that they had an encore presentation of the clip and montage. What did we see?

A vast lake… fade to blade… from producer Michael Bay… a clip showing the Camp Crystal Lake sign… from the director of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE…

Enter cabin, two teens walk into this old decrepit cabin. We see a shot of Jason’s bed, we know trouble is near. There’s a hole in the wall with melted candles surrounding the entrance – one of the teens sticks his hand in and pulls out… Pamela Voorhees’ head!

The door shuts, kill kill kill kill, ma ma ma ma….

A machete comes through the floorboards, a miss!

The second one grazes his foot, with the third hitting him in the hand as he falls.

Jason explodes through the floor and pulls him under. The teens screams, “RUN!”

And the montage explodes… (in no particular order)

-Jason jumps through window and grabs teen
-Jason runs up and slams his machete down on a teen
-Some dude is thrown on the back of truck spokes
-Loads of water shots
-A tent and a silhouette of Jason

The clip was intense, scary, dark and completely mad. I was blown away and I really think all of you will be…

FEBRUARY 13, 2009.