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SDCC ’08: ‘Friday the 13th’ Panel Interviews, Photos!



More Friday the 13th goods from this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con that’s (finally) coming to an end. Inside you’ll find the full panel tightened into one sweet news post, along with loads of photos! Read on for word from the cast and crew (Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, and your new Jason, Derek Mears). FRIDAY THE 13TH hits theaters February 13, 2009. Click here for all Comic Con coverage.
TRILOGY plans: “When we went into making this movie, there was no concept of making the one that comes after it. The ending to me feels very finite, if audience loves film well rack our brains and see how to bring him back. As it stands this is the only movie.” producer Brad Full explains. “Wed love to go back to Crystal Lake and make another one of these.

JASONS CHILDHOOD: “We do explore it in the film, briefly. It’s not an origin movie,” explains producer Andrew Form.

WHY NO PAMELA VOORHEES STORY: Brad Fuller explains, “How we were going to take care of that -and with today’s audience – it would be difficult for today’s audience that Jason’s mother was killing Jared [Padalecki]… it wasn’t believable. People love Jason Voorhees and want to see [him].” Adnrew Form adds, “But you do see Pamela in the movie.

ON MAKING THE FILM: “It’s a title we’ve all really wanted to work with. [We] figured out how to get rights settled and went off and made it,” Form Explains. “As producers we try and make the best film possible… we try to inject what we think the audience wants to see.

WE WILL SEE HOW JASON GETS HIS MASK: “It is absolutely true, and I think we came up with something interesting,” says Fuller.

BASED IN REALITY: Fuller tells the audience, “Something we tried to do was keep it rooted in reality, it would be scarier for this particular film and the story within this film. We tried to go away from Supernatural thing…

ON FREDDY AND JASON REUNITING: “We would love to work with Wes Craven, we love making horror movies… if they wanted (another FREDDY VS JASON) we’d love to do it.

CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE: “Camp Crystal Lake is the biggest thing from the first one,” Form adds, “that was the most important thing was to bring back Camp Crystal Lake from the first one.

A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF SCARE: “There’s a whole new level of scare instead of `Hey I’m big and have a weapon’, now you feel like oh my god this guys the real deal,” says star Jared Padalecki. “It’s a raw scare….

PHYSICALLY DEMANDING: Amanda Righetti tells the audience, “[It was] physically and emotionally demanding. It was an endurance game, what was asked of us as actors. I enjoyed it for the challenges that really set for all of us. I don’t think you realize how much your body can take. When you’re in it you don’t feel it and then when you wake up…
Padalecki chimes in, “It was a stretch and for me, it was absolutely psychically demanding. There were times I woke up and was like `who kicked my ass’?

JASON VOORHEES SPEAKS TO FANS: “What I’m really excited about is that the script is smart. It’s not your regular slasher film.” Derek Mears exclaims. “It takes the best parts of [FRIDAY THE 13TH 2-4] and puts them all together. It puts the series back to reality and we understand the psychosis of why Jason’s doing what he’s doing.

He continues, “I’m bringing] a lot of pain… the passion and intensity. The writers made him smart, instead of chasing people around; he [Jason] sets people up. He’s a smart character and you have sympathy for him….

SEQUEL? “If everyone digs it Id love to come back. I grew up and loved the character. Its an absolute treat getting to play him – a dream come true,” says Mears.


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