‘Dracula 3000: Inifinite Darkness’ Poster and Synopsis

Moviehole.net discovered the teaser poster for Dracula 3000: Infinite Darkness (no relation to Dracula 2000, or its sequels) over at Film Afrika – where it was filmed. For the uninitiated, the movie stars Casper van Dien, Erika Eleniak, Coolio, Tiny Lister and Alexandra Kamp. Clint writes, “Apparently the ending of the movie leaves it open for a sequel…or two.” Read on for a look at the poster and the official synopsis, no date has been set yet for release.

Image courtesy of Film Afrika:

In space, the sun is always up, stupid slogan….

Here’s the synopsis, “One thousand years into the future, and somewhere in the far reaches of outer space, a terrifying legend lives on.

It?s the year 3000 AD. A salvage ship on a routine interstellar mission discovers the drifting, silent hulk of the off-world space transporter Demeter, reported missing 100 years earlier. Excited by the prospects of quick financial gain from towing back and trading in the old vessel, Mina, Van Helsing and the rest of their crew boldly board the abandoned ship, hoping to recover any valuable freight left onboard.

But as they explore its cold, empty passageways, they become aware of a terrible secret. First Mina uncovers Demeter’s mysterious cargo – 50 long, black coffins. Then, one by one the crew begins to disappear or turn against one another, until there can be no doubt that an ancient curse lives on in the bowels of this once-great ship, awaiting its next victim.

In the blackness of space the sun never rises, the ideal environment for the immortal vampire to spread his evil. For the survivors, the only hope for salvation is a desperate race across the universe, rocketing at the speed of light, praying that they’ll reach the welcoming rays of the Twin Suns of Halbron?before it’s too late.”

Source: Filmafrika, Moviehole.net