More ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Details

Man I can’t wait for this one, Shaun of the Dead looks like it’s going to be a blast, too bad we have to wait until after Dawn of the Dead gets released to see it. Empire Magazine also spoke to Edgar Wright about his film Shaun of the Dead and a possible sequel at last night’s Empire Awards, here’s a taste, ” “We keep joking about sequel ideas, but this one hasn’t even come out yet. But we’ll do something in a similar vein if people like it. They might hate it. It might go down like a ton of bricks. It’s very British. There’s been a great reaction to the trailer in the States. People find it charming when we do a take on something – it’s only a mistake when we try and compete with the big boys.” Follow the link for more! Shaun of the Dead hits UK cinema on April 9th.

Source: Empire Magazine