‘Deader’ Script Review Pokes its Way Online

Scarecrow from over at Cenobite.com dropped me the following email, “The middle of last year I received a copy of two scripts. One was that of Hellraiser: Hellseeker but the other, of more interest, was Hellraiser: Deader. With no release date in site I have finaly turned to reading the script and a review can be found on my website by clicking here. Is this the real deal you ask? Well, the ‘Hellseeker’ script it came with certainly seems to be and everything that I read points to it being genuine. Do not email asking for a copy, however, I will be keeping this off the internet as much as possible out of respect for the film makers who are as much in the dark as us as too a release date for the movie.” Follow the link and enjoy!

Source: Scarecrow@Cenobite.com