A Few Pages of the ‘Ring 2’ Script Reviewed

A scooper who’d like to be known as JPM sent me in what he claims to be some pages out of the first draft script for Dreamworks Ring 2. The script is dated July 19th and from the recent news we’ve reported, I can easily assume most of these pages will be cut from the sequel to the 2002 smash hit. For the reason why one of the scenes might be cut and a taste of what you might see in the sequel this November, read on…
First let me reiterate that I cannot confirm these pages to be legit, but I believe them to be, and believe the source. So just take this lightly for now.

Beware of spoilers:

The first scene I read were pages 11-14 and involved Rachel who is once again trying to get some answers from Becca about Samara (Becca is the girl that survived the opening scene of The Ring and was in a mental institute). From what I read, it appears that something is going on with little Aidan and Rachel, something unexplained and scary. Something is not right and Rachel is searching for answers, that have something to do with what they were “shown” compared to what the deceased were “shown” by Samara. Within this scene there is a flashback between Becca and Samara’s confrontation, which was off screen in The Ring – the assumption can be made that this scene might be trimmed down to exclude the flashbacks, according to sources. It has been reported that most of the flashbacks will be removed because Dreamworks feels they can make an excellent prequel from the flashbacks and focus more on that at another time.

So with that said, the next scene should end up completely cut from he film. Pages 42-45 detail a flashback between Samara (pre-death) and her parents Richard and Anna. We see more of the pain and suffering in Anna as she wanted nothing more than a daughter, but at the same time is watching her family be torn apart by this devil child. She tells Samara to be careful with some beads her Grandmother would have wanted to give Samara and Anna says, “All she ever wanted was you.”

We also see the horses go crazy and Richard goes chasing after one of the horses- their names Inya and Lindy. Both horses drown in the ocean as Richard cries out in pain and agony, “Richard falls to his knees and screams helplessly as his two prize mares, one of his few loves in his world, die.”

An unbelievably well written few pages and I pray that JPM sends me more, because even if this isn’t the real deal, I’m so incredibly impressed with the story.