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Sony Finds Sweets In ‘Candyman’ Franchise

This morning STYD reported that Sony, along with the original rights holders, are looking to remake Clive Barker’s Candyman franchise, a rumor that has been circulating for a few weeks now. The site reports that the idea of bringing the “sweets to the sweet” back to the big screen is only at talks at this point, but it could still happen in the near future. While the site reports that one idea is to turn Candyman caucasion (why?), something we had heard a few weeks ago here at Bloody-Disgusting was that Tony Todd had actually been approached to possibly (and I stress possibly) reprise his role as Candyman/Daniel Robitaille in the remake, which we found highly unlikely. Nothing is confirmed at this point, watch for developing news as it comes in.
A children’s ghost story comes to terrifying life in this gut-wrenching thriller about a graduate student whose research into modern folklore summons the spirit of the dead. Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) laughs when she interviews college freshmen about their superstitions. But when she hears about Candyman a slave spirit with a hook hand who is said to haunt Chicago’s notorious Cabrini-Green housing project she thinks she has a new twist for this thesis. Braving the gang-ridden territory to visit the site of a brutal murder Helen arrogantly assumes Candyman can’t really exist… until he appears igniting a string of terrifying tragic slayings. But the police don’t believe in monsters and they charge Helen with the grisly crimes. Only one person can set her free: CANDYMAN.



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