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Official Poster For ‘Freakdog’

Inside you’ll find the first teaser poster for Paddy Breathnach’s (Shrooms) latest horror venture, Freakdog, which will premiere at the Frightfest UK this month. A young doctor in a US hospital administers a powerful and untested cocktail of drugs to a coma victim. But instead of curing him, it triggers a powerful “out-of-body” experience and enables the patient – a depraved and dangerous loner – to inhabit other people’s bodies and, through them, take revenge on the bullying medical students who were accidentally responsible for his condition. The doctor, who was herself a part of this group, is also targeted and as her colleagues are singled out and relentlessly picked off, she realises that she can trust no-one – friend or stranger – as this comatose killer moves in and out of bodies at will, getting ever closer as his murderous supernatural powers increase.



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