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‘Acolytes’ Director Reveals Next Horror Projects!



With the Toronto International Film Festival only weeks away, we caught up with Jon Hewitt, director of Acolytes, who revealed to Bloody-Disgusting his plans for his next two horror features, along with his dreams and desires for some main stream titles. Read on for the skinny and check out ACOLYTES at the “Midnight Madness” portion of the TIFF this September.
I’m keen to see what might turn up out of Hollywood” Hewitt tells Bloody-Disgusting. “I’d love to direct the remake of BATTLE ROYALE, or William Castle’s THE TINGLER.

With THE TINGLER set up at Columbia Pictures and BATTLE ROYALE at New Line, maybe there’s a chance?

Either way, Hewitt has his own indie projects set up back in Australia.

X is a thriller about two prostitutes who go through a night from hell (the second film in my Kings Cross trilogy – DARKLOVESTORY being the first).

VAMPYR is an experimental horror film about a brutalized woman who disintegrates into homicidal insanity. Heavily influenced by the films of Maya Deren, most of the film is being shot by just me (on the red camera) with the star Belinda McClory. My aim is to make the most beautifully brutal and violent film ever!

Watch this spot for a full-length interview in the coming week!


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