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Wes Craven Talks Everything From ‘Nightmare’ to ‘Last House’

Although much of the following has already been reported, Wes Craven was the guest of honor at this past weekend’s Festival of Fear, which took place in Toronto, Canada, thanks to Rue Morgue Magazine. At the panel, Craven revealed that he believes that Platinum Dunes is off of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, along with Bob Shaye. He also chatted about The Last House on the Left and the state of horror today. Read on for all the juice…
The guest of honor at this past weekend’s Festival of Fear, presented by Rue Morgue, was the infamous Wes Craven, who you might know at Freddy Krueger’s “daddy”. Below you’ll find a few of the highlights from his panel, where he showed a very fun and very well received clip from his upcoming film 25/8. Jovanka Vuckovic hosted the panel where she touched on many of his past films and upcoming ones as well…

First Craven talked a bit about his upcoming film 25/8, which will be released by Rogue Pictures sometime next year.

The film takes the point that if you have to fight the toughest person in the world you have to work 24/7 – to fight The Devil you have to work 25/8 – that’s where the title came from. We shot it in the spring and summer in Conneticut, I am just very excited about it. It’s a cast a basically unknowns who are terrific.” Max Theirot, Denzel Whitaker, Shareeka Epps and Emily Meade all star.

Craven also reports that he thinks Platinum Dunes is officially off of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake, along with New Line Cinema founder Bob Shaye.

The fact is I heard from my agent that a remake (of the original Nightmare on Elm Street) was going to happen. So I called my friend Bob Shaye. As you may know New Line Cinema had now been shut down by Warner Bros, who owns it, all of the properties were assumed by WB and Bob didn’t know any more about it than I did, he told me I certainly have no control over it. Michael Bays company Platinum Dunes had it, but I believe that is no longer the case. There is a writer on it, I don’t know if it’s a remake or prequel. I don’t have any real information about it.

He also chatted a bit about that ridiculous Billy Bob Thorton rumor that hit the web.

The Batman’s have been done with many different guys, so it IS possible for a new actor to come in and do something interesting with a roll that has been done by another actor for a long time. I have no connection to it. There is a possibility that it could be interesting depending on who does it and how seriously they take it. Under his breath he joked I just won’t be a part of it!

A film that has been testing pretty heavily in Los Angeles is Rogue’s remake of Craven’s LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, which he briefly talked about.

I am one of the three producers, we shot in South Africa and some in Los Angeles. The director’s name is Dennis Iliadis, who, if you want to see any of his film HARDCORE, you would have to get a foreign DVD… it’s kind of a sad story of two teenage street prostitutes in Athens. We gave him the script and he has done something really really hard hitting, totally loyal to the original, in its theme, but he really made it his own. They had one test screening already and it went through the roof.” Although we know that there have been TWO test screening, with a third already planned. What we’ve heard is that it truly has tested through the roof… good news for us horror fans!

Craven also touched lightly on the state of horror…

I didn’t really find the torture porn stuff terribly interesting. I am the older generation, but it wasn’t really the subgenre of torture, this is a very deep issue now with the war crimes happening. Is it right is it wrong? How do you stand up to somebody? Could you yourself possibly torture someone? These are the kinds of questions (these films) bring up. Where its going…I don’t know, in the past reports say its dead and I think that twice I have proven them wrong. It will revitalize itself, if you look at any genre 90% of it is crap, even in our beloved genre, but something will come along that changes it. I am a movie fan, but I don’t seek out and see every horror film out there because none of them scare me.



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